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Description of the website functionality:

This site allows to convert timeseries of VTK files into functional Essential Vision Asset Bundle package which then can be loaded and visualized with Essential Vision application on Hololens 2 headset

Data conversion
Please note that to successfuly convert vtk files data into Essential Vision Asset Bundle package you must folow these guidelines:

1. Prepare your data following the guidelines here: https://github.com/tooploox/holo-preprocess/blob/master/Input%20documentation/VTK_Input_data_specification.md

2.  All layers of model with ModelInfo.json included must be packed into ZIP file without any additional directories in it.

   Example ZIP file 2`content with 2 layers and custom icon:
     |-- model-icon.png
     |-- FirstLayer
     |  |- 01.vtk
     |  |- ...
     |  |- 30.vtk
     |-- SecondLayer
     |  |- 01.vtk
     |  |- ...
     |  |- 30.vtk
     |-- ModelInfo.json
Not following all of the guidelines will result in failure during conversion process!